New Kit – DJI Osmo!

Apologies in advance for my poor english and efforts to communicate my kit purchases in writing form. I was never very good at English in school and to this day my literacy skills are still terrible. However; for what I lack in that department I believe that my creativity and camerawork has plenty of room to breathe.

As a freelance DOP & Lighting camera operator/cameraman I work on a huge different variety of productions all over the world and on every shoot I love to try and offer the client something creative and unusual that will make the final edited piece look as good as possible.

Slo Mo has been the big thing for the last few years, time lapses, sliders e.t.c… browsing the internet I have seen a few hyper-lapses that look absolutely amazing. I have done this on shoots in the past however they are a real pain to do and take a long time with the traditional moving the tripod method and they never seem to look quite as nice and smooth as I would like them to look.

Another problem that I find is that I travel an awful lot and find it very difficult to decide which kit to take with me on a shoot when budgets are tight and the PM tells me that I can only have 3 cases of luggage. Camera goes in as hand luggage and once you have the tripod tube – one peli for the batteries and a few lights in a peli that’s it. On top of that theres always the weight limit which is incredibly hard to stick to and always causes problems!!!

So the thought comes to mind.. what piece of kit could I buy next that doesn’t weigh much, doesn’t take up much space and gives you something different that other people aren’t using much… And the new DJI Osmo springs to mind.

For those of you that don’t know what it is or haven’t heard about it before its a small little unit thats a handheld stabiliser with a 4KĀ camera. It includes the same gimbal technology found in its drones and is meant to help average consumers capture silky-smooth, cinema-quality footage. Should make hyperlapsing a piece of cake aswell as come in handy for those unusual shots/car travelling shots where a bit of stability is needed.

So.. have ordered the kit and its delivered tomorrow – ill updated you with the results!